Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The Problem with Mods

I thought I was being clever, crafty even, for thinking that I could take a pattern and make a few modifications. It would all be fine. Nope, wrong! I cast on a simple cardigan, made a few mods while knitting the back; shortening the length and adjusting some shaping. I cast on the first front section and it was going fine until this happened:

Check out how the ribbing on the front section (on the right) is two rows longer than the ribbing on the back? And in Aran weight yarn two rows is the difference of a whole centimetre, not something you can easily hide or get away with. From this picture you can't exactly see but I'd almost knitted the whole front section before I noticed this stupid mistake. I wrestled with weather I should rip back or live with the mistake, but eventually did the next best thing and called my knitting guru Wendy, she'd know what to do. In her wisdom she suggested knitting a ribbed swatch, cutting through row two of the rib, picking up the live stitches and then casting them off.  I gave it a shot and it worked! 

As I'd practice on the swatch I was confident in getting stuck in with the actual garment but I'm not going to lie, cutting through my silk cotton stitches was not a pleasurable experience. Especially as I'm making all of the mods to ensure I have enough yarn to finish the project and this would potentially waste precious yarn. But it worked and now I have matching ribbing on the front and back sections. Thanks Wendy!

PS: While trying to take the 2nd photo someone decided to stand on my project. I let it slide, this time...


  1. Hurrah for the effective but scary recovery!

  2. You were very brave! It looks amazing though - hurrah for cutting your knitting. We'll all be steeking next. xx

  3. Well done to you for taking a chance and for cleaver knowledgeable Wendy. Some thing we can all put into our memory, just in case it is ever needed. Was Flo helping to Block the pieces?