Monday, 11 February 2013


Sunday morning was for swatching. Flo kindly let me pick up my needles for half an hour while she watched some rubbish on TV and the Mr had a little lie in. Bad parenting, I know, but we all need our sanity.

Now this yarn that has a bit of a story behind it. Back in 2005 I made my first ever jumper it was a hideous affair as demonstrated by the photos taken at the time.

It was 2005, forgive me
It was too short in the body, the bat wing, neckline, yarn and everything about it just didn't suit me. But I'd spent a lot of money on the yarn and was determined that this jumper would be something beautiful, one day. I eventually ripped it back last year, only 12 years later, and put the balled up yarn back in the bag with the hope that its 'one day' would come.

I'm not saying that Sunday was that day. Indeed I am thinking that Sunday was not it's day at all. I'd ear marked a pattern from an old Knitty issue called Cherie Amour for this neglected yarn long ago and finally had the time/ bottle to try it out. But once it was knitted up, in the exact gauge no less, I just couldn't get past something. The pattern is great; I think it works for my body shape and obviously works with the yarn. It's the actual yarn that's the problem. It's bulky weight which means it adds bulk to my body. That top in this yarn is going to make me look bigger, and that's not really a look I'm going for as a woman with real curves. The yarn itself is in a variegated colourway which I can't get my head around. The purples and greys are soft and warm but variegated is just not me. I'm a solid kind of girl, semi-solid at best. Knitted up this flecked fabric just turns me off when I think about it as a garment for me.

And so 'one day' did not come and back into the bag it goes until I can figure out something beautiful for it to be. Until next time.

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