Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The End is Far

I have been walking past this crochet sign in Kingly Street for about a month now. It gets me thinking every morning about who made it, for what purpose and what it means.

Most mornings I like to think that it's an optimistic message; the end of the world is far away, enjoy life! But at the end of the day I tend to go with; Life is long and hard. This will go on and on, FOREVER!

I like the camouflage crochet background and the lettering. The lurid colours with the white joined up lettering really pops out at you. Plus I just really like neon pink. Very punk.


  1. Is that an Olek? The colours and style are very like her work.

    1. Thanks Marion, I think you're right. She tweeted it here and very much matches her work, so must be her: https://twitter.com/oleknyc/status/278526157564022785

  2. Very cool!

    Check your mail soon. I was going to say official United States Postal Service mail, but obviously it's not that once it gets to you.