Wednesday, 2 January 2013

2012 Knitting Round Up.

Happy New Year to you all!

Last year I did a 2011 round up post, but I found the most telling part to be the list of knitting projects completed that year. So here's how 2012 looked Knitting project-wise:

I started out the year knitting some boobs
Completed a vintage crochet cap for a friend
Made a little top for myself
Spent a lot of time knitting a baby shawl (like 4 months!)
Then smashed out a jumper for Flo in 11 days
Some initialed washcloths for little people
A Ravellenics Ishbel scarf
A cute cardi for my first ever Nephew
Hat for my photographer and good friend
Baby dress for a yet to be born small person
Finishing it all off with a cardi for my second ever Nephew. Typical, you wait for ages for one and then 2 come along at once!

Looking back at this years list vs. last years I've actually matched the number of projects completed, which is nice. Interestingly both lists show that on average I am making one top for me, one blanket, at least two baby cardigans and at least one hat for a friend each year. I wonder if I'll match it again this year?

My 2013 knitting has got off to a great start with a Milla Mia cardigan for Flo flying off the needles. It must be that new year feeling spurring me on as I had no time for knitting over Christmas at all. Here's hoping I'm on a roll.

Bye bye 2012, it was fun. Hello 2013,

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  1. Yeah but there is Trouble Ahead. Flo is growing by the hour. Thoughtlessly adding stitches x