Thursday, 6 December 2012

Yarn Boy Unravels

There once was a boy made of wool...

... who unraveled himself, the fool!

He knitted up quick, with his pointy sticks... 

... and then he looked really cool!
This is an artwork by illustrator Paul Bower which has been painted on the boarded up building works in my office. They've brightened the place up and of course I'm loving the knitting reference.
You can blame me for the limerick.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Snowman Mania

We all know that John Lewis have been hard at work with their advertising company this year, trying to come up with the next tear jerking advert to make us spend our money in their shop - like I'd need an excuse? Last year's ad with the little boy who can't wait to give his Christmas present to his parents was a huge success prompting people all over the country to reach for the tissues in a collective weeping session. However, there were internet spin offs pointing out how sinister and creepy the advert could seem. I mean what's in that box anyway? A kid that doesn't like presents? What's wrong with him? This year they've gone even fluffier with a snowman who goes on a journey to buy his beloved snow-woman a hat, scarf and gloves set. It's a cute advert, I'll give them that. But no tears this year, sorry JL.

However, being the marketing masters that they are the snowman advert has spawned not only a children's book, snowman hunt competition and single of the song but the knitting department have decided to go that little bit further and have released a knit your own Snowman kit. I can't help but think they smelt the tears from last years success and decided to come up with something that wasn't just an advert, but a merchandising campaign. Smell that cash rolling in!

I personally won't be purchasing a kit, but think it's a nice gift for a new knitter or perhaps someone who loves the advert? Katie Law at the London Evening Standard went a bit nuts over the tie in and has knitted her little snowman in less than 24 hours. What's your view? Will you be putting it on your Christmas list?