Monday, 6 August 2012

Finish Line!

Finished in 9 days. Cast off while watching Bolt thunder across the 100m finish line. Feel like a champion!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Growing Weather

My Mum tells me that the hot sunshine interspersed with heavy downpours is perfect growing weather and she's not wrong. Check out the spring onions from my garden that we had in our fish cakes this evening.

And this little beauty is the beginning of my very first pumpkin!

I never thought I'd get into gardening but since getting a lovely little garden with our flat I've been loving it. My parents have always been green fingered and so it some of it must have rubbed off. They regularly have to field my queries about how and where to grow and plant, so I can't take too much credit, although the veggies I've grown so far have both given me a lot of pride and pleasure.

Only problem is that the two pumpkin plants are taking over the garden.
Note to self; keep just one plant next year.

PS: Ravellenics project... nearly done!!!

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Interior Stitches

I love homes that speak of the people that live in them. I guess that idea is true of anyones home, even if the pile of clothing and unwashed cups tells people you're an unhygienic layabout or perhaps a wannabe student. But it's those that choose to put their loves and passions at the forefront of their decor that really give their home personality, life and inject love into the place which turns a house a home.

As I've mentioned before I love to put little knitted touches into our flat, even if they're not strictly knitted. Recently I've found a couple of brilliant pieces which I sadly can't justify the spend on, but wanted to share with you incase you've got the pocket money.

This amazing knit print wallpaper from Cavern Home would have been perfect for our chimney breast or even as a statement wall in the bedroom. The muted tones make this a really understated and chic statement. I find the thought of spending so much on wallpaper hard to swallow as I just think of little fingers slowly picking at corners and ripping off strips! I understand that a paper like the range at Cavern Home would be considered as more of a piece of art on your wall than simply wallpaper. Sadly I can't afford such art.

These really cute cushions from Room39 come in a range of lovely colours and also as single bed covers. I love the detail of the stitches and think they would look great on my sofa. But at £35 each I look at the stack of fabric in my craft unit and think I could just make some cushion covers. I just wish I had this fabric print!