Sunday, 17 November 2013

It's Not Blue!

I finally broke my blue streak with a lovely little baby knit called Skye by Martin Storey. I made it for an old friend who's just had a baby girl. Of course I could have knitted it for her in blue to continue the blue period I've been having, but I had this raspberry hand-knit cotton in the stash and it was begging to be made into this little posh coat from the Rowan Miniature classics book.

I actually started this project on a plane on my way home from a work trip. However mid-flight, when the passengers next to me needed to get passed me to the loos I put the needles on my seat and someone sat on them. It might have even been me! What's worse is that usually I would only ever fly with my trustly Denise interchangable needles. These are made of resin and so are 'flight safe' and slightly bendy, so accidentally sitting on them wouldn't be a problem. But the hem for this project required a much smaller size needle than the Denises go down to and so I had to bring a sadly more breakable bamboo pair. I was gutted when I stood up and saw the splintered little needles there, but being a resourceful woman, who didn't want to spend the rest of the flight wishing she was knitting, I managed to get some tape and patched them up enough to finish the hem.  Although it was sticky, hard work to get the stitches on and off the needles, it was a joy when I moved onto the less splintered size up.

The pattern was pretty quick and easy. The only issues I had were around the way the collar sits but I think that with wear this will flatten out a bit.  As I was going fairly 'girly' on the colour I used some heart shaped buttons I got at Ally Pally. They're a bit over the top but I think they work.

I'm actually till working on a blue project so I'm not out of the woods yet, but this has been a nice splash of raspberry in my very blueberry knitting at the moment.