Monday, 28 January 2013


This is the Charlotte cardigan from Millamia Wonderland that I bought the pattern and yarn for over a year ago at Ally Pally 2011! I knew I wasn't going to have time to knit it immediately so bought enough yarn for the next size up form what Flo was wearing at the time. Thankfully she is a slip of a girl and so despite knitting this in size 2-3 and Flo being 3 years old in about a months time, this should still fit her for a while to come. Fingers crossed through next winter. 

Learning from my previous mistakes when knitting for Flo I'm glad this cardi is nice a long and so hopefully won't be looking like a crop top any time soon as her Starr cardigan did. I can also remove the belt loops and re-position or leave the off all together should I need to as her growing picks up speed.

The pattern for size 2-3 specified 6 balls but I needed to buy an extra ball to finish off the belt. There were also meant to be pockets but I decided not to make them - what do 2-3 year olds need pockets for anyway?

One of my main challenges with the project seems to have been getting Flo into the cardigan, to stand still and look presentable enough for me to take a picture of her wearing it. I had to bribe her to wear it and then ended up with just one, sort of useable shot above. All of the others were either of her back running away or something like the one below.

The Millamia yarns and patterns are just gorgeous and I recommend them to anyone. I especially love their colours which are so modern and wearable. They range from muted shades to eye popping colours and look so lovely on kids.

The last Millamia pattern I made before this was back in 2010 when I made the Emil babygrow. My, hasn't Flo grown?

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