Sunday, 20 January 2013

Yarn Play Time

It's going to be a while until Flo gets the hang of actually learning to knit. The best she can do at the moment is use my needles as drum sticks and drag yarn around the flat, unraveling it as she goes. However, while trailing Pintrest one day I found a nice activity which I felt made good use of my huge stash of crappy acrylic yarn and at least gets her involved in Mummy's hobby.

Pintrest is full of this kind of stuff and if you can get past the 'American Mom' tone of it all you can usually find some good activities for little ones. This one involves chopping up different lengths of your crappy yarn. I got Flo to wield the scissors and asked her if she wanted the lengths longer or shorter as we cut. I also got her to pick out the colours she wanted etc. It actually was a really fun bit of the activity despite not really being the main part of it.

We then mixed up some PVA with a bit of water and used our hands to slosh it about in a mixing bowl.  Then we dipped in and swished about the different yarns bit by bit and dangled them into a fairy cake tin. At the end I added a bit of undiluted PVA on top of each 'flower' of yarn, just to make sure they'd come out stiff enough. We left them to dry out for a couple of days, checking on progress with a poke here and there.

Once dry I thread them together on another piece of yarn and strung them up in the front room. You could also use them as rosettes, badges, gift tags, put them on top of pipe cleaners to make a bunch of flowers, the possibilities are endless.

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