Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Oops! Ally Pally 2012

I am slightly ashamed that it has taken me this long to get round to writing about this. I won't even try to make an excuse!

Ruth and Belinda
Mum and I made our way to Ally Pally back in October ready with our game plan, packed lunch and a limited amount of cash. As we made our way round we saw some old faces and met some new ones too. My favourite new face was Ruth and Belinda who I'd never come across before. Their original hand knit designs and kits were stunning. I think the fact that all the yarn and everything on their stall was cream meant that it really stood out for me. All of their yarn is undyed which means you can enjoy the fibre in it's natural colour or choose to dye it any colour you fancy. It certainly made for a stand out stall.

Dive right in!
The yarn dive at Black Sheet yarns was as always the most mental part of the day. Mum dove in and came up with 2 lots of baby yarn for the new additions to the family. I managed to restrain myself by thinking of what the Mr would say if I came back with another pack of 10 balls ready to stack on top of the mound of packs already stuffed into our bedroom storage. I've also been very good in the sales this year and haven't bought any yarn, despite going to both Liberty and John Lewis in the sales. Patting myself on the back for that.

All I came away with purchase wise was some cable needles, an off cut of Disney Tinkerbell print fabric, the advent calendar panel and the pop and slot nativity set by Clare Beaton.

Sue Walton creation
The fantastic student showcases and inspirational artists works dotted around as usual. Some of the quilts were breathtaking although I think my favourite showcase was the gorgeous table set out with crazy forks, chandeliers, cups and plates. I have since looked into the artist who made it, Sue Walton. The work is called Jabberwocky and she describes it as:
"A surreal tableau inspired by the vivid imagination of Lewis Carroll.  Sculptured felt combined with contrasting and diverse materials lead to bizarre and surprisingly unanticipated arrangements, where stylised flower forms represent the food and drink."
It's the artists like this that really inspire me at these shows and keep me coming back for more.

Unfinished jacket with needles still attached
Out in the Palm Court sat The Tales of the Unfinishable Extravaganza which was a tent made up of peoples unfinished projects, be they knitted, sewn, felted or any craft. It was something we can all relate to no matter what craft you prefer; sometimes you just never get round to finishing that project. It was fascinating walking in and around the tent reading and hearing the stories of each doomed project and how it had ended up as part of the tent. Some stories were sad, of death, loss and abandonment and others were funny, uplifting and thought provoking. My favourite tales were of those that have taken years to reach the tent. Many attempts to finish the project with it being handed from one person to the next in an attempt to complete it. Perhaps something are destined to remain unfinished?

A single cabled sleeve, some embroidery and patch work
It was a great show and of course I'll be heading back next year for more. Perhaps I'll have made more room for yarn by then.

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