Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Putting my Stitch on it

We moved into our flat almost a year ago and have only managed to decorated one room so far which is of course Flo's room.  It's quite difficult to decorate when you have a little one, so when we decided to paint the front room we were super organised, bought the paint in advance, had all the materials ready and most importantly shipped Flo off to the grandparents for the day. All the preparation and a little bit of planning really paid off as with one day of work we had a fresh, newly painted room all tidied up and ready to be messed up again by sticky fingers!

There are still a lot of finishing touches to be added to the front room but I managed to put my own stamp on one corner. I bought a print over a year ago now from Knit Nation 2011. The print was from Tilly Flop Designs and is a knitting rhyme which looks like knitted stitches on a needle. I was drawn to it by the mustard yellow colour and of course its connection to knitting.


We mounted this on the wall in a cheap Ikea frame, then I moved in the lamp I bought at the Country Living Fair at the beginning of the year. The base is made from an old machine bobbin from 1913 and the lampshade is from B&Q. The flowers I got at Wood Street Market which set it all off nicely.

I spent a lot of last night slogging away on the baby blanket in front of comfort movies. At the end of the night I surveyed my progress and although I know I had done about 10 rows, it looked like I hadn't moved on at all. Huff! There's got to be an end in sight... JUST GOT TO BE!


  1. I love the use of knitting mantras on your picture. Lovely colour too! I'm sure there will be an end to the blanket, keep going you know it will be wonderful when its done x

  2. What a great print .... I'll be having a look at their prints...just found them on Etsy.

    Keep on going with the will be worth it in the end!

    Have a happy week.
    Fleur xx

  3. Thanks so much for the lovely write-up of the print - it's lovely to see it in situ! And dare I ask how the blanket is?