Monday, 18 June 2012

Big Yellow Courgette

My friend Karen gave me a couple of courgette plants a few weeks ago. They were in pots so I popped them in ground in the little veggie patch we've got in the back garden. They seemed to like it because a few weeks later this BEAST emerged. Although rather swollen it was very tasty in the risotto I made at the weekend.

I am very much a novice gardener and grower but my parents have always kept a veggie patch so I like to think that their green fingers might have rubbed off on me a little. The veggies have been a bit battered by the windy weather lately and I've lost my last remaining squash plant to it's blustery demeanour recently. I've still got leeks, spring onions, pumpkins, rhubarb and the courgette's in the ground although I'm now battling against slugs and ants constantly. I'm really enjoying doing the little bit of planting and growing that I've managed so far this year and it was so exciting to be able to pick and use something from the garden, although Karen did do most of the hard work.

In knitting news I might have made an 'accidental' purchase in the Liberty yarn sale already this week. 50% off right on my work-place door step is too much for a girl to resist! But I'm telling myself it's an investment as it is earmarked for baby projects for the Parkinson babies on their way into the family via my sisters in law this year.

My current baby blanket knitting was starting to get to me a bit. The never ending boarder is mindless enough to do on the train but I'm finding the main blanket so boring now that I keep making mistakes. I have motivated myself by aiming to finish before the Olympics so that I can take part in the Ravelympics 2012. But until then I shall continue on... and on... and on, with this baby blanket.

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