Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Bunting, Cakes and Corgis

Although we're all sick of the Jubilee by now I thought I'd share a nice little idea that I had during the celebrations:

Flo just LOVEs to paint. She regularly comes home from nursery covered head to toe in the stuff and so I decided to buy some for her to use at home, along with some protective matting! Just before the Jubilee weekend we had a (heavily supervised) session of painting with Flo producing five large works of art. 

Now, however much you love your child you are never going to have enough space to keep all of their 'art' and frankly you most likely want to get rid of some of it. But as this was our first time painting at home I felt quite bad about shoving the pages straight into the bin. So I held onto them wondering what to do with them until the swathes of bunting weighing down our local streets gave me an idea. I simply cut the painting up into triangles and strung them together with masking tape to make our very own Jubilee decorations!

It was a really lovely way to involve Flo in the celebrations and could be repeated for other celebrations such as birthdays, the Olympics, Mothers Day?

As a side note, I also made lots and lots of mini cup cakes and used a cute cupcake stand that I bought on sale for 99p last year after the royal wedding. 

And I bought Flo this Happy Land Queen set from Early Learning Centre. I went a bit Jubilee crazy didn't I?

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