Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Lucky Me!

The warm and fuzzies have descended upon me as I have been awarded my second Leibster Blog award! The lovely Chloe from Clobell has passed on the award to me and I am honoured.

I received this award in March last year, you can see my blog recommendations, which I still stand by, here.

But I have to add one blogger that I just love to read every time she posts. Yes I Like That is such a funny, thoughtful and interesting blog. It is a wonderful collection of sewing, days out, knitting and general stuff. Go read it!

In other news the 100th issue of Knitting came out a few weeks ago and I felt very proud to be still on the back page after so long. I really feel that the magazine has come on leaps and bounds in recent years (and not just because I’m in it). It’s lovely to be a part of it. The story I wrote about was a particularly awkward and funny moment in my knitting life and it was really fun to write. Now I just need to keep reading all of these lovely blogs for more inspiration!


  1. Hey Laura, thank you so much for being nice about my blog, it's completely made my day. In fact, my whole week!

    I love your column in Knitting, my mum subscribes and I always try and steal her copies when I go round (although she normally makes me give them back).

  2. Look forward to reading your column in Knitting this month.

    Would love you to come and have a look at my knitty knatty blog, only in it's infancy but after reading so many blogs (including yours) for so long thought i'd finally have a go!! - so pop over for a bit of knitting, running and general family life!

    Happy Knitting
    Fleur xx