Friday, 3 February 2012

Kat in the Hat

The title of this blog is a little misleading because although I have finished Kat’s second 30th Birthday present of the vintage bobble hat I have not yet given it to her and it is indeed me modelling the hat!

I mostly crochet this item on the way to and from work on the train. It’s brilliant ‘dead’ time to use up doing something productive. It works out well with crochet in particular as you need even less elbow room than knitting requires which makes it a perfect project for commuting.

Crocheting whilst standing up on the DLR - also possible
I had to modify the pattern slightly as using the original number of stitches gave me a hat that sat somewhere on my shoulders. So I reduced the number of stitches and thankfully it has worked out and as shown in the original picture from the 1940’s pattern it perches nicely atop my head.

My Mum bought me some personalised clothing labels for Christmas so I have added a little ‘Made by Purl Princess’ label into the back of the hat. I’m planning to put these in more of my finished items from now on as I think it’s nice finishing touch and really marks how proud I am of each creation I add one to. Therefore beware of creations without a label – they may not have been well loved!

I have now moved onto something else… can you guess what it is yet?


  1. That hat is cool! I am loving your moss stitch stripes too - is it a blanket? Finally - did you get a friend or a stranger to take a picture of you on the DLR? Or did you take a tripod along and do it on a timer?! Wendy xxx

  2. I was going to ask who took that picture of you as well! A DLR stalker...?? Love the coordinated lippy! xx

  3. Your mum gave you a great present she must have been so pleased with herself when she thought of personalised labels. I would have given you not "made by" but "finished by" Then you could have stuck it on cake plates and empty bottles of wine too
    PS Don't wear that hat it makes you look like a sulky teenager!