Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Snow with the Flo

It snowed the other day, but you probably didn’t know that because no one was talking about it… much.

It was the perfect day for snow, being a Sunday it meant that everyone could either go out and play or stay snuggled up in warm and watch movies.  I do not envy anyone that had to actually get somewhere.

When Flo woke up in the morning I said “Want to see something?” Opened her curtains and she actually gasped and said ‘WOW, SNOW!!!” So cute, but a bit scary considering she’s only 23 months; the kid knows everything!

Why does she look so suspicious?
After realising that her wellies were at Nanny and Granddads I dug out my old sling wrap and The Mr. helped wrestle her onto my back for the walk down the road. Once the wellies were on we explored Nanny and Granddad’s back garden, where granddad kicked the trees to make the snow fall on Flo’s head and the green out the front of the house where quite a few enormous snowmen has been built. Flo was a little 50/50 about the snow and decided that it was time to go back in after a little while. What a different story it will be next year!

On the way home the contented and tired Flo fell asleep on my back in a comedy fashion.

I got to try out my new wellies too which luckily arrived just two days before the snow had fallen. I found them on Amazon and they have a short of knitted fair-isle pattern printed on them, which I obviously love.  I thought about knitting special welly socks for them, but now the snow is pretty much gone and the they have been put away again. But it was a lovely snow day – thanks Flo!

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