Saturday, 29 October 2011

Nola Jane

I finished Flo's Nola Jane jumper yesterday and she had a spell of wearing it today. As you can see it looks sooooo cute! Unfortunately I had to take it off of her quite quickly as the pure wool it is knitted in was making her sweat! I think it will have to get very cold very soon for her to get any wear out of it as it's already snug and if she has a growth spurt then it's bye bye Nola Jane.

I really enjoyed this knit. At first the cuff and hem seemed a little excessive as they're doubled up but it really does give the jumper a beautiful structure. I found it really hard to graft the seams under the arms and was left with gaping holes at each end, so I just whipped them together with a few stitches to close them up. This didn't leave a great end result, but it's only under the arms so I wasn't too worried about them. The only modification I made to the pattern was to do just 3 rows of the crochet ruffle as my ruffles came out quite big and I didn't want them bunched up under Flo's chin.

Overall it was a lovely project and I would definitely would knit something from Petit Purls again as all of their designs are totally gorgeous. The colour also really suited Flo and the quality of the yarn makes this jumper something I will be passing down in future. I just wish I had made it a size bigger!

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