Saturday, 1 October 2011

The Disorganised Knitter

Somehow this year I have totally managed to let Ally Pally creep up on me! I didn’t organise myself a ticket until a week before, how uncharacteristically disorganised of me! Perhaps this year’s show won’t be as much of a military operation as it was last year, although I still maintain the general rules: take a packed lunch, a room at a time, only considered purchases allowed and no panic buying! Some may laugh at these (Nicola) but you’ll be sorry when you miss out on some amazing bargain yarn because you’re fannying about trying to get a sandwich from a kiosk.

This year I have no idea what I’d like to buy so am going to let the show give me inspiration and hopefully not persuade me to spend too much money. I’ll be there on Sunday, so if you happen to see me rummaging through the bargain bins, do say hello!

There are 2 things on my needles at the moment, the Free Rapunzel hat and Nola Jane baby jumper.

The hat I am making as a request from my sister in law who saw it and immediately bought the yarn and handed it over to me to knit for her. The pattern is from Tiny Owl Knits,which is also the website responsible for the current hexipuff craze with the Beekeepers quilt. Thankfully this fabulously sunny weather we're having this week is buying me some time to get it done before the chill sets back in.

The jumper is from the cute as a button Petit Purls and I’m making it for a very deserving Flo. I couldn’t believe it when I realised that I haven’t knitted anything for her since Christmas last year when I made her the stripy babygrow! I should be ashamed! I'm almost ready to join the arms to the body, so I'm quite pleased with my progress. The cuffs and hem are quite ingenious. They are done by crochet cast on, knitting for and inch, doing a row of reverse stocking stitch and then knitting for another inch. You then undo your crochet cast on and knit the cast on edge together with your live stitches to create a perfect little cuff or hem,with the purl stitches creating a neat fold. It's a bit of effort but a lovely result. Flo will just wipe her mouth on it I suspect.

In other news it was our 3rd wedding anniversary last week and the Mr kindly bought me 2 gifts! I got the lovely Great British Bake Off book (for the second series, which I love by the way) and an amazing gold ball of yarn necklace! I totally wasn’t expecting it and it was such a lovely personal gift. Love you Mr!

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