Monday, 31 October 2011

Making the most of work

I’ve been at my new job for a couple of months now and am starting to settle into our new family rhythm with me working more days and longer hours.

I really enjoy my journey into work as I usually get a seat on the tube at some point in my 40 min train ride and this means that I can get some knitting done! So it is good productive ‘me’ knitting time.

The little walk I take from the tube to work is also a pleasure. Being at Oxford Circus means that I walk by some of the flagship stores and get to see some amazing window displays. I’m trying to remember to bring my camera out with my more as I totally missed taking pictures of the brilliant window displays for Wool Week this year. Jigsaw and Liberty had lovely windows and I kicked myself for missing the photo opportunity!

However, I did manage to have my camera on me last week when Claire Nixon was doing a live knitting installation in the shop window of the newly refurbished Oasis flagship store on Argyle Street.

She was showcasing her knitted interior including huge lampshade and footstool, while knitting on over size chairs with supersized yarn and needles. It was cool to see hand knitting live on the highstreet!

Finally the sight that will always bring a smile to my face in the morning:

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  1. love the knitting. wish I could knit on my journey to work, but I think the boys in blue would not like that much.