Monday, 26 July 2010

Totally Knit Nation

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or alternatively don’t have any links to the knitting world, then you’ll know that it’s Knit Nation this weekend. This is the latest knitting show on the block and promises to be a good one with a general air of excitement built around it for what feels like the past year; I’m sure I saw adverts about it last summer!

There are lots of cool classes that you can still sign up for and there is now even branded merchandise on the website. Knit Nation temporary tattoo, anyone?

I shall be dragging my mum around the stalls on Saturday. Are you coming?

Things that excite me most about Knit Nation are the knitting celebs that are going to be there: the amazing Ysolda, who I have previously spotted at I Knit Weekender and gone all star struck over, co-organiser of Knit Nation and sock diva Cookie A and of course Ravelry Founders Jess and Casey who have really become the equivalent of the royal family in the knitting world; revered and respected.

I’m also excited to see other knitting friends and show regulars there such as the Knitting Magazine crew who are also one of the sponsors of the show, Jenny from Fyberspates, the lovely lady from Knitwitches Yarns who I’ve sadly forgotten the name of, the fabulous Dixie from Nichols Buttons and hopefully a few other familiar faces from my Stitch and Bitch London past.
Please do come over and say hello on Saturday if you have a spare minute between salivating over gorgeous yarns.


  1. Have a wonderful time and try not to add too much new stuff to your stash!! I know, I know, I'm only jealous because I'm not going! I look forward to you posting about what you do manage to add to your stash.

  2. I'm rather jealous too - wish I could go... I'll look forward to seeing the stash report!

  3. Hope you have a fab time - I'm more than a little bit jealous but we have a guest staying this weekend so I think it would be a bit rude to disappear up to London for the day! Saving up for Ally Pally too - maybe I'll see you there :-)