Monday, 19 July 2010

Peggy Sue

Since we’ve been home Flo has been in cloth nappies and so we’ve been doing a lot more washing than we used to. With all the good weather we’ve been putting the clothes-horse outside for the washing to dry but when a few pairs of socks and some pants ended up in our neighbour’s garden I decided to buy some clothes pegs. I grew up with my mum hanging the washing out on the line in the garden and I used to help her take it in by pulling the pegs off and putting them in a homemade peg bag, so I wanted one of my own.

I didn’t think I’d have enough time to do the project but I gathered the materials together in hope that I might find a bit of time here or there to do it in. I couldn’t believe it when I managed to finish this really cute peg bag in under an hour! Check out my handy work!

I used this tutorial as a general guide, but I made my own paper pattern, making the bag smaller, I used a wooden baby clothes hanger and I lined the back panel to make it look pretty. The colour and pattern combo is a little crazy, so perhaps ‘pretty’ isn’t the best description, but for a peg bag I think it’s acceptable to go a little nuts on clashing colours and prints.

I bought the outer material from a Christmas fair I went to last year and the red and white gingham fabric came out of a cake tin that we were given at work. The green bias binding was bought at a car boot sale. I think the binding was the least successful part of the make as I wasn’t sure how to make the join look seamless, so that’s why it’s a bit out of line. However, that’s the nature of handmade items, so I’m not too bothered by it.

More pictures and a brief ‘how to’ can be found here.

Now off to hang some more nappies out.

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  1. it's lovely, Cath Kidson eat your heart out! Fair play to you for using cloth nappies!