Thursday, 29 July 2010

How does your garden Flo

We went to my Mum and Dad’s yesterday and spent the afternoon with Florence in their pretty back garden. All the bees were buzzing about, butterflies fluttering by and the flowers were blooming marvellously. Florence enjoyed it very much, watching the apple trees move about in the breeze and eventually she fell asleep under the cherry tree with Mr Dangly.

We got good news from the hospital on Wednesday that Florence’s heart has made good improvement and so she has been able to come off of a couple of her drugs and can reduce the doses of a couple of the others. She is clearly enjoying being home and we’re so happy to hear that the doctors are so pleased with her. Yay!


  1. I love this photo, Florence and Mr Dangly look very content!

  2. How lovely to have such good news about Florence's progress, thanks so much for sharing her progress with us all.
    Gardens are wonderful places aren't they as there is always something to watch and the fresh air is so good for you.

  3. Florence is a picture of peace and contentment - may she continue to flourish!