Monday, 5 July 2010

Mr Dangly Davis

So I got more than a bit bored with my skirt. Apart from it being too hot to knit such a large, warm thing, I think that my post natal shape means that I probably should have bought the large rather than the medium kit.

To distract me from this misfortune I decided a quick knit for Florence was what was needed. Consulting my Ravelry queue I found Mr Dangly and quickly he was knit over a couple of hot evenings.

A very cute monkey type creature, Mr Dangly gave Florence a big cuddle as soon as he was finished and she hugged him back.

My last article seems to be out now as I’ve had lots of nice messages from people about it. Thanks for all your support and kind thoughts; they mean a lot to us. Florence will never fully recover from her heart condition but is getting stronger each day for which we are eternally thankful. I won’t lie, the last 4 months have been extremely difficult and emotional but to see Flo’s lovely face each day we know it’s all been worth it.


  1. what a beautiful baby Florence is! and mr dangly is quite cute too :)

  2. Mr Dangly looks excellent! Will he be able to contend with buzzy bee though!!!

  3. So nice to see her looking so much more robust than the picture published in the magazine. Good wishes and hugs your way, and Florence is lovely.

  4. What a beautiful little girl you have. I just read your article in Knitting magazine. One of my children was prem and spent 6 months in SCBU, so I know how difficult it is. Well done for being strong. Sally

  5. So pleased to hear about Florence, she looks lovely. Best wishes to you all

  6. I was so upset when I read your article in "Knitting" that I decided to look up your blog and check on Florence's progress.
    How wonderful to see that she is at home with you and looking so much stronger.
    Belonging to the WI I have been involved in projects to knit items for our local NICU and I had hoped that they would bring comfort to a new mum like yourself, now I know that they probably have.
    With very best wishes to you all, SJ