Saturday, 16 March 2013

Shooting Starr

Once upon a time, a Mother knit her Daughter a jumper called Starr. But that Daughter grew so quickly that the Mother didn't even have a picture of her Daughter wearing the jumper before it became a crop top. The Mother was sad that the jumper would no longer be worn and put it away in a keepsake box destined for no purpose at all.

But one day the Mother had an idea. She realised that she knew other Mothers at her knitting group, who had Daughters growing equally as fast and who deserved (and indeed would appreciate) hand knit jumpers. And so the Shooting Starr was born. A jumper destined not for being taken out of a box and reminisced over occasionally, but a jumper for being passed from Mother to Mother, Child to Child and most importantly a jumper to be worn.

The Shooting Star has now began its journey with Karyna and her Daughter, Robyn. I will be tracking its progress as far as is possible. Fly, my pretty...


  1. We have a very special cardigan knitted in white and grey mohair stripes that lives in a box too as its owner has grown too much to wear it any longer.

    It's a rather special cardigan made with love and we're hoping it might find a new home one day. Not just yet though...

  2. I dream of that happening to the jumpers and cardigans I make friends' babies

  3. I've tried and failed to make this jumper! The star 'holes' don't come out evenly. Any tips?

    1. I knit into the back of the yarn overs which creates a bigger loop - let me know if that works. Good luck!