Friday, 22 March 2013

Pay It Forward #2: Socks for Katie

When I was trying to decide what to make for my friend Katie's pay it forward, I knew I wanted to make her something that she might be impressed by. She's fairly new to knitting and so I thought she deserved something that showed how awesome knitting is as well as encourage her to keep at it. Socks instantly sprang to mind as despite not being as hard as you imagine people never cease to be impressed by hand knitted socks.

This was a super simple basic sock pattern using a German yarn that I got with a subscription to a magazine (I think). I couldn't find the yarn on Ravelry, which actually makes me slightly uneasy. Mystery yarn! It says Sport- & Strumpfgarn on the label, so if you know what it is I'd be interested to know.

The colour way is clearly bonkers but I always think knitted socks should be slightly nuts, otherwise what's the point? I like the idea of you being dressed completely normally but when you take your shoes off people jump back in shock of the hand knitted madness on your feet. It's akin to wearing a natty tie except you're not an old eccentric man - or maybe you are?

The socks were presented at our knitting group yesterday night and Katie seemed to like them very much, which was a relief. I was really glad that she tried them on and then kept them on for the rest of the evening. There is a real joy in wearing knitted socks which I'm sure she felt as her heel and instep were cradled as never before.

Before making these I hadn't realised that I haven't knitted socks since this emotional pair in 2009. That's three years. OMG. It's given me the urge to tackle a more difficult sock pattern for myself but there is still the matter of one more pay it forward to think of, make and send. Best get the thinking cap on.

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  1. Apparently that sock yarn is a budget range from Schoeller and Stahl
    Great socks, I love bright colourways