Friday, 15 March 2013

Pay It Forward #1: A Scarf For Zoe

At the beginning of this year I saw a friend post on Facebook a 'Pay it Forward'. This said that they will hand make something for the first 6 people that replied to the post, with the only condition being that those 6 people pay it forward and post the same thing on their wall. Essentially the point is that at some time within in the year you will get a nice gift from someone for no reason at all and you will make a nice gift for 6 other people also for no reason at all other than to have that nice fuzzy feeling inside. I excitedly replied to my friend's post and in return posted the same message on my wall.

By admission I am a selfish knitter, preferring to make things for myself rather than anyone else, so this pay it forward thing was a big ask for me. 6 handmade things is a lot of things. I was secretly planning on palming a few of them off with homemade cake instead of knitted goods. But as days went by I only had 3 takers. So I decided it had be be knitted items all round.

And so here is my first pay it forward to the lovely Zoe! I met Zoe back in 2011 when she posted on my local NCT online forum asking if anyone wanted to start a knitting group. Now could you guess what happened next? Obviously I jumped at the chance and we went on to have a lovely local knitting group of Mums, all of whom I consider to be great friends now as well as awesome knitters.

Zoe moved out of the area over a year ago and has gone on to start up her own business teaching crafts to the masses in Suffolk called Crafty Baba. If you're in the area and are looking to pick up a new skill she has classes for all your needs including knitting, crochet, curtain making, dressmaking even nappy making and woodwork!

I made Zoe a Scroll Lace Scarf from Ysolda's Whimsical Little Knits 2 using some left over Rowan Tapestry yarn from a cardigan I made years ago. I just love the gold, browns and pinks in the yarn and think that it really compliments Zoe's colouring. As you may have also heard before I love love love Ysolda's designs and so this was a joy to knit.

I hope you enjoy it Zoe!

So, who's next on my pay it forward list? Let's see...


  1. I soooooo love my new scarf, indeed I am wearing it today in the office today, keeping me warm in chilly Suffolk!

  2. It's beautiful and the colouring suits Zoe perfectly!!!

  3. Hi Laura,
    Thank you for your kind words regarding Moo, she is still very much missed.
    That scarf looks lovely and soft and the subtle colour changes look gorgeous.