Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Yarn Cake

The Mr and I took Flo to see my cousins, aunties and uncles in Scotland last weekend. We had a great time seeing everyone and enjoying the lovely weekend of weather which was a bit of a surprise to everyone in Glasgow I think!

One day we took the bus into town and Flo fell asleep, thanks to the rather late night of partying the night before at my cousin's birthday party. It was the midnight lego session that did her in I suspect. So we decided to try and fit in some of the 'grown up' things we wanted to do while she snoozed. For me, this meant YARN!

A quick search on the iPhone bought up a short list of Glaswegian yarn shops but one caught my eye as I'd seen it advertised in Knitting Magazine and remembered the name for an obvious reason. The Yarn Cake is situated on Queen Margaret Drive in Glasgow and is a tiny oasis of knitting heaven. The shop is miniature but has literally everything you could need or want in a yarn shop; great selection of yarn, needles, notions and books. A cafe stocked with any tea, coffee and exquisite hot chocolate you can think of as well as some simply irresistible cakes! It's a wonder that they can fit in seating, tables and even a loo, which is essential for the long stay any visitor will clearly be making in order to sample everything the Yarn Cake has to offer.

The Mr and I shared a pot of Rooibos tea and a slice of the Rhubarb meringue cake. Yummy!

The service was excellent despite the two ladies in the shop having a great big order to unpack as I visited. The atmosphere was also lovely. The two groups of customers that came in to knit, drink, eat and browse while we were there all struck up conversations with us as we sat. For me it was everything a yarn shop experience should be.

While checking out the yarn selection I found some locally sourced yarn called New Lanark Mills. The red colour really popped out of me and it was instantly earmarked for my good friend and photographer James who really does deserve something knitted from me by now!

The trip was rounded off nicely with Flo waking up in time to meet some local knitted Nessies She was then given a little windmill by one of the lovely staff. It kept her quiet enough for us to finish our tea and pay for my yarn.

A final plug for the shop is that they are running the Glasgow School of Yarn on Friday 19th and Saturday 20th October. There will be workshops, a market place, book signings and of course tea and cake. If you're in the area, I urge you to check out the website and go!

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