Sunday, 9 September 2012

Bye Bye Games

What a Summer it's been!
After two failed applications to get Olympic tickets I finally got some for the Paralympics to see the athletics last week. I went with some of the girls from my knitting group and so we of course bought our knitting along. There was great debate as to weather we'd be able to get our needles in but security didn't seem to mind at all and before we knew it we were knitting in the Olympic stadium awaiting the action to begin.

The atmosphere was fantastic and it really was just amazing being in the park. The wild flowers were everywhere and simply gorgeous. When the action started we saw so many different events and rounded the night off with David Weir winning a gold medal for Great Britain in the 5000m. By the last lap of the race everyone was up on their feet jumping up and down and screaming. The noise was unreal and it was such a perfect end to our Paralympic experience.

Today I went to the South Bank where the Marathon was whizzing by and the Thames Festival was in full swing. I met my lovely friend Morag and I helped her get to grips with some intarsia, which created a few tangles but look at those colours!

The Games may be over but in my opinion the Summer is not yet done.

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