Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Stitches - South African style

During the Olympics the Queen Elizabeth Hall on the South Bank was transformed into 'Ekhaya' (the Zulu word for Home) for all South African athletes & supporters. They had all sorts of dance, music and performances going on during the programme but my favourite part was South African arts and crafts displayed in the foyer. There was everything from embroidery, beading, woodwork to some amazing knitted and crochet pieces.

These gazelle heads were my stand out items for obvious reasons. The one above is crocheted from plastic bags and the one below is knitted with string and has a gorgeous cable running down the neck.
The crochet one is by recycled textile artist Magda van der Vloed.

Think I could make one for my front room wall?

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  1. I really miss a fireplace in my house... I could knit my own, and then make one of these to go above it!