Monday, 16 July 2012

Starr light

Look! Look! A different project!!! This is Starr by Martin Storey from the Rowan Miniature Classics book I bought at Liberty a few weeks ago. While I was there I also 'accidentally' bought this Rowan Handknit Cotton which was in the sale for just £1.90 a ball. I only wanted 4 balls to make this jumper for Flo, but the cashier informed me that they only sold them in packs of 10. What a shame, I had to buy them all!

This project was knitting up so quickly I finished the back in just a few days of knitting on the train to and from work. Then I made up most of the front during my knitting group the other night, My knitting needles were on fire! Talking of needles - look how nice these ones are! I bought them on a work trip to LA a few years ago and this is the first time I've been able to use them. PRETTY!

Then I got to the part of the pattern where it says "Place star motif". So I'm looking, looking, looking and thinking, where the hell is this star motif? Eventually I went online to find that it wasn't me descending into madness but rather Rowan that had forgotten to add the motif chart into the book. Well, it's only the main point of the jumper ay Rowan. Not like you need that essential chart in the book or anything. I got it printed off and was back on track.

The jumper might actually be finished by the Olympics! Then I get to start on my Ravellenic Games project. Yes, you read correctly - Ravellenic, not Ravelympic. Apparently the Olympics committee have decided it's illegal to use that word. Idiots.

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