Thursday, 26 July 2012

Decisions, Decisions.

From left to right we have:
Artists Palette Yarns, Sweet Feet in purples and greens
Nimi Torva in deep purples
Enchanted Knoll Farm, Superwash Sock in 'Emerald Lake'
The Natural Dye Studio, Dazzle Sock in blue
The Yarn Yard, Toddy in 'Probably Jane' (grassy green)
Artists Palette Yarns, Sweet Feet in greys and blues

Help me! I'm trying to make a decision on which yarn to use for my Ravellenic Games project and they're all just too gorgeous!

I am going to make Ishbel by Ysolda Teague which has been in my queue for a long time now and so the personal challenge of the Ravellenics seems the perfect time to get stuck into the project. The project will work with any of these yarns as I'm going to make the smaller, thicker scarf version. I just need to decide which one to go for.

If you don't know what the Ravellenics is, it's a personal challenge that knitters can take on during the 17 days of the Olympics, which this year is just down the road from when I live in Stratford! As it is all about a personal challenge you can pick any project you want, it's all about challenging yourself. The only rules are that you can only cast on once the torch is lit in the stadium and the aim is to have finished (whatever your definition of that is) by the time the flame goes out on the final day.

I'm opening the voting to you and I shall be checking back tonight to see who's the winner during my knitting group! I will then wind the yarn in preparation for the big cast on on Friday. Woo!

To cast your vote just leave a comment here and I'll tot up the votes, along with those of my knitting group tonight at about 8.30pm (GMT).

Commence the voting!


  1. Definitely Nimi Torva in the purples - gorgeous!

  2. Joke (Belgium)26 July 2012 at 12:36

    I would say The Yarn Yard, Toddy in 'Probably Jane' (grassy green). I love this green and I think a semi-solid colour would work great in this pattern.

  3. Not sure these comments are going to be a great help as I think it has to be Enchanted Knoll Farm! Jacqui

  4. Artists Palette Yarns, Sweet Feet in purples and greens would look nice. I think it would suit you.

  5. I'm going with the Nimi Torva - was drawn straight to it! I've just spent an hour on Ravelry hunting down a perfect pattern for a 4ply cotton/silk blend I have for a light summer top and do you know what - I can't find what I want so guess my Ravellenics will be filled with me designing it myself. That or an entrelac scarf as I've never tried that before.

    Good Luck with your Ishbel - it's a beautiful pattern and will show off any of those gorgeous yarns you've chosen superbly well!

  6. NDS dazzle, it's a gorgeous colour and I loved working with that yarn, stunning stuff

  7. Nimi Torva, because purple is the Queen of colors.

  8. I love the bright green! But the Ishbel would handle a variegated... hmmm.... Ok. I'm going for the Artists Palate. It will be lovely no matter what you choose!

    1. Which colour way Sourire11? The purple and green or the greys and blues?

  9. Either the Enchanted Knoll Farm, Superwash Sock in 'Emerald Lake' or the Natural Dye Studio, Dazzle Sock in blue.

  10. green - it will look beautiful on you!