Friday, 4 May 2012

Knitting in the sun and appearing on the tele

A couple of weeks ago the grandparents took us on a lovely beach holiday to Teneife and so I took along the baby blanket I'm making for my Sister in Law. I assumed I'd have lots of down time to do a couple of rows each day, but I was fooling myself. Holidays will ever be what they used to be pre-child. Those days of having a week of total relaxation are gone. Instead we had lots of fun with Flo, running about on the beach, smashing sand castles and having the odd dip in the hotel pool.

I did manage to get, I think, 4 rows done in total during the entire holiday, which was an achievement to say the least! To give you an idea of the scale of this project, each row takes me about 10-15 minutes to complete so that was a good hour of knitting right there. I had the Mr. take this photo to prove that I actually did manage to find some time to work on the blanket. Flo was of course sleeping at this particular moment, which enabled it to happen!

Now we're back the project is growing steadily and I have now finished over half of this middle square of the blanket. I'm thinking of starting at least one of the borders soon, just to give me a bit of variety as knitting  the same stitches for over a month now is getting a little tedious and there's still a long way to go.

In other news Flo and I are appearing in the new Great Ormond Street Charity advert. You can click the image above to watch it or watch it on YouTube.

While we were in the hospital they asked if we would take part and we were more than happy to help such a good cause. At the time Flo was still in intensive care and very much fighting for her life each day, so seeing the ad come out now when she's doing so well really speaks volumes for the work GOSH does. We'll also be appearing on their website shortly. Just in case you're not sure, Flo's the tiny baby, with the big breathing tube taped over her face and yes, she has a cup (protecting a cannula) taped to her head too.

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  1. My little girl was in neonatal for a while after she was born, she is now nearly three and very healthy but it still brings tears to my eyes watching films like this. These places do an amazing job and I am grateful every day to them