Thursday, 31 May 2012

May Round Up

I’ve been rushed off my feet lately so have been sadly neglecting the blog. But the Jubilee weekend is giving me the chance to regroup, so here’s a little round up of what’s been going on for Purl Princess.

It was my birthday and I got some lovely presents. Best of all was an amazing ceramic bowl by artist Anette Bugansky. She uses hand knitting to print onto the fine porcelain clay and make cups, tea lights vases and bowls. It was a lovely gift and I’ll be keeping it as far away from the mucky little destructive hands in our house as possible!

I’m still working on the baby blanket for my sister in law, which has been crawling along due to me being so busy for the last month. I started the inside border and decided that it was too ‘old’ looking and that the blanket didn’t really need it (plus it was taking ages to make so I thought I’d save my self some work, ahem!). So then I started the outer boarder which is much more modern looking (and easier to knit, ahem!).

Pompom magazine popped through my door last week and I like it. It’s small but perfectly formed with a couple of interesting articles to read along with an embroidery project, bellini cocktail recipe and 5 knitting patterns to choose from. I like to try and support new knitting ventures so was happy to pay the £9.50 (plus postage) for the magazine, but am not sure if I’ll be able to afford it every quarter. I might pop into stockists Loop or Ray Stitch, both in Islington, next time to have a little browse before buying next time.

I have been branching out into bread making and made this Scandinavian tea ring. It reminded me of something you used to be able to get in all the supermarkets and bakers when we were kids. We called it a bun round and it was like lots of little round iced buns that your tore off. The centre one always had a cherry on top and I would always fight with my brothers over who got it. Do you remember them? As they don’t seem to exist anymore I tried this recipe and although it was much more like a Danish pastry in texture and flavour it was really good to get to grips with making the dough, kneading it and leaving it to rise etc. and it bought back a few memories too.


  1. We like the look of that tea ring, do you have a recipe? Or does Laura K on her blog?

  2. Cake looks amazing but too many cherries. Put just one and the cherry looks wonderful and everyone eyes it as The Cherry to be Fought Over.
    I guess there is a moral in there some where.