Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Wool Steak and TV fame

The last few weeks have been a real whirl wind. I spent most of it organising a surprise 30th birthday party for the Mr and then we got burgled a few days before the party. The intruders stole the usual electrical goods, TV, computer, camera etc along with some jewellery and Flo's piggy bank :-( There's nothing that we could have done about it, but it just feels like a sad thing to happen.

The surprise party went really well. Everyone seemed to have a good time, including Flo who was allowed to stay up late and party till the late hour of 9pm! She enjoyed dancing, pointing at all the old pictures of Daddy and dragging my handbag around with her. The Mr. had a great time too and got some suitably manly presents for a 30 year old. One particularly apt present was a couple of fine steaks! When we opened up their special cold bag I found this inside:
It's basically just a bag stuffed with natural wool which keeps your meat cold. Brilliant.

I'm really missing my camera already. I keep seeing things I want to snap and the realise that my camera's probably on Ebay right now! So not many pictures to share with you I'm afraid. The above was taken on the Mr's phone and emailed to me.

On a more positive note Purl Alpaca's have asked if they can use my photos of the Cleo skirt I made on their TV slot on the Create and Craft channel. It will be on Thursday at 5pm Sky channel 671, Freeview 36 and Freesat 813 if you fancy watching. I'll let you know if I can get a link to the show once it's aired.


  1. I'm sorry creepy people left their mark on your lovely new flat. I've never understood why people think that's OK! Glad you had the party to bring positive feelings back in.

  2. Laura, I am so sorry they didn't use your photos... At least we managed to give you a mention!

  3. what an awesome meat cooler!! haha! Your house is super lovely, loved spending time with you and Flo today xx