Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Crafting not Rioting please!

With all the riots going on in London it’s been a rather unsettling time, but crafting has been keeping my spirits up. Knitting on the tube into work genuinely seemed to bring some kind of calm to people who smiled and watched as I worked away. But when Flo’s nursery called to say they were locking all of the parameter gates and I was sent home from work I got a bit twitchy again. But once the family was safely home and I got stuck into some quilting I was a much calmer person. Crafting not rioting people!

It’s so sad to see the destruction of people’s communities. The saddest parts are where independent shops and people’s homes/ cars have been destroyed. I can’t imagine what they are going thorough having to rebuild from scratch. Let’s hope the violence, looting and destruction is put an end to soon.

I promised I’d share a picture of my finished Lacy Blue top. And here it is:

My good friend James Diggle came over to do a little photo shoot for the magazine the other day and took this photo among others, which were all a bit too ‘catalogue model’. You can just about see the gold coffee bean buttons on the bust, which I think really set off the shimmering blue of the yarn. I’m really glad it’s finished and I’ve worn it a few times already. There’s nothing like a successful project to make you smile.

My new quilting project is making me smile too. Look at those prints!

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