Sunday, 12 September 2010

Purl Alpaca Town

So you may have read about a skirt that I started when we were still in Great Ormond Street. That was May and my goal was to finish it before the cold weather came. With no end in sight of our stay at GOSH I assumed that the skirt would be started and finished by Florence’s bedside. But Flo has now turned 6 months old and on Friday night I finished the skirt. Yes, it took me 4 months to do, but it’s pretty understandable with learning how to look after a baby as well as dealing with all the medical appointments, drugs and tube feeds.

I feel a great sense of achievement at finishing this garment, especially as the weather’s just starting to turn and there will be ample opportunity to wear it. It’s strange how finishing the skirt really feels like closing a door on that stay at the hospital. Although there may be further stays in future, now this project has been cast off and ends woven in, I have a strange sense of closure for that very traumatic part of our lives.

You can wear the skirt three different ways, so this is a really versatile and wearable project. It can be worn as a skirt, dress or poncho and I think it looks great in all three variations. I think my favourite is the skirt with a wide belt round it. I’m so glad I got this finished and it looks nice on me! Bring on the Autumn.

I’ve just realised that I never gave you an update on how our fun run went for Great Ormond Street. Well we raised an AMAZING £6,420! A big thank you for all the donations and runners we had in Team Florence. Perhaps Flo will do it with us next year.


  1. I like how it looks as a poncho, very chic lady, Steph F x x

  2. I love the poncho look and can see you wearing it while out for a walk with Flo on a lovely autumn day XX Mum P

  3. Great result, Laura! Love the poncho look too!

  4. Hey Laura, really well done. May we use your modelling skills on our new blog? If so, please email images to

    ps// I like the dress best!

  5. Laura, I wanted to write to you privately, but no link. I just found about about your rough year from Knitting -- not the essay you wrote, but a mention in the introduction to the subsequent issue. I must have missed your issue; sometimes the magazine isn't easy to find in the U.S. So I've just read every word of your blog, and am so pleased that things have improved to this extent. She's a lovely girl, and lucky to have you and the Mr.

  6. Hi Elizabeth,
    I've just set up an email address. So here you go:

  7. I hope that Florence is doing well now, it must be such a huge worry for you. My daughter is almost 8 months old and my heart really went out to you when I read about what had happened. Goodight and Godbless to you all xx

  8. Love the skirt, knitting is like praying or therapy, every tiny stich is part of a bigger whole, and you just have to trust each little stitch to do it's bit! It keeps me sane.

    Your daughter is so beautiful, enjoy every moment.