Sunday, 29 August 2010

Between you and me...

My mum has been interested in quilting for quite a while now but had been a little cautious of going out and buying all the stuff before she knew it was going to be a hobby she wanted to pursue. She mentioned to me that there was a quilting shop in the local area, who would have thought it, and so we popped along to see what it was like.

Just between Friends is a lovely little shop which is packed with gorgeous quilting fabrics, haberdashery and has a small teaching space. We got chatting to the owner, Carol, who was very happy to chat to us about quilting, whilst also taking a class at the same time! She told us that we could come in for a taster session, which is designed to show all the skills needed for quilting before you make the decision on buying all of the equipment needed to get you going.

We went back a couple of weeks later and did the taster session which was lovely and informal, with lots of chatting and cups of tea. We learnt how to cut using the mat, ruler and cutting wheel, then how to put together a basic square and press it. The session only cost £10 and lasted probably 2 hours with all of our chit chat, so it was well worth the money. You can see some pictures from our day at Just Between Friends here.

Mum has gone ahead and purchased the equipment to start her first quilt, but my heart still belongs to knitting and I don’t really have the time to devote to a new hobby, so I’ll just have to borrow hers if I want to do some quilting in future. I really think I’d like to make a Christmas quilt; something that you can bring out every year to snuggle up under whilst watching crappy Christmas TV. The question is will I find the time to do it before Christmas?


  1. Wow! That's awesome! I just cut the squares to make my very basic first quilt. So far so good, but definitely think a class wouldn't go amiss!

  2. Glad that you had a good time. Have recently attended a basic patchwork session at my local yarn & fabric store. Absolutely loved it. Beware though as once you start you need to have a stash of patchwork fabric as well as a stash of knitting yarn as you never know what you'll be in the mood to work on!!

  3. No quick make a quilt for the baby, so much less to do. But fast is the name of the game as babies have a nasty tendency to grow bigger and need more squares. Then when you have more time incorporate that quilt pulsing with baby nostagia into one for you.

  4. Hi,
    I have only just caught up with my magazine reading - so have only just heard about Flo. I had to write and say how great it is to see that she is at home now, and I hope she is on the mend. I can't imagine how hard it must have been to have her so poorly. Will you tell her that she has inspired me to knit for Bliss.
    Enjoy every minute of your time off, and I am looking forward to reading your column when you get back
    rachel x

  5. Laura, Christmas comes every year!! So yes, you will finish your Christmas quilt before Christmas. Just maybe not in 2010!