Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Still too hot for Hand Knits

Since we came home from the hospital it’s pretty much been a wonderful summer weather wise, which is great for lots of reasons, but with only one down side which is that it’s too hot to wear hand knits.

I was over the moon to receive a couple of parcels of hand knit love from some of my lovely knitty fiends but it’s just been far too close to wear them. Despite this I simply have to have her try them on to see how they look and dream of cooler days where there is the need for cardigans and jumpers.

This is a beautiful Sea Waves jumper from Gillian, which looks too cute on her. I especially love the colours.
My mum has also made a few things but this is her stock pattern for all newborns. Although Flo is still small and so it fits her now, I fear that by the time it’s cool enough to wear she’ll be too big. Oh well, we’ll save it for a dolly or something.

These are some beautifully soft vests from Iris which have a great story attached to them. They meant for wearing as under garments during the winter and can be used from birth to two years old as they stretch to fit and have a draw string neck. Iris even included a little swatch of the knitted up fabric to test in the wash before we potentially accidentally shrink them.
As you can see she's not massively happy about wearing this little warm number when it's already 24degrees in pants.
Everything I’ve knitted her I made in 3-6 months or -6-12 months size but she’s still in the diddy 0-3months sizes, so hopefully she’ll get to wear the bits I’ve knitted for her too when the cooler weather arrives.


  1. Lovely colours in the vests.
    She looks so cute.

  2. Lucky Florence having such a lovely wardrobe full of things she's too small to wear - just think in the years to come she'll be so happy if this is still the case as lots of people have a wardrobe full of clothes that they are too big to wear!!

    I'm sure that she will have grown enough to wear all her lovely clothes as the weather turns a little cooler and we get towards Autumn.

    Just enjoy each day at a time and fill each & everyone of them with happy memories.