Sunday, 6 April 2014

Goodbye to Kiefer

It's been very hard to know what to write in this post. It's been in my drafts for some time now, with one or two things written and then deleted. But this week I managed to write my article for Knitting Magazine all about Kiefer and how he suddenly died last month and so I feel I can final write it here too.

We got Kiefer from a rescue home last year and he really was such a lovely little man. He quickly became part of our family, our daily routine and gave a constant heartbeat to our home. In total he only lived with us for five months, but I know that he had a better life with us than if he wasn't re-homed, which does help with the sadness of it all. He was completely surrounded by three peoples' love each day, which is more than even some people can say.

One morning Kiefer just didn't look right. He was acting strangely; walking round in circles, falling off of things, not eating and would just look at me and cry a sad meow. The vet suspected many things could have been the cause but that the most probable was a virus called FIP which effects kittens exactly at Kiefer's age, is deadly and has no cure. It was obviously a heart wrenching decision to have him put down, but to watch a beautiful young kitten go through a long drawn out death didn't seem to be an option.

And so our home is much more empty now. We miss him terribly and as I'm sure anyone that has lost a cat will know, they are such a fixture of the house you still think you can see them out the corner of your eye, sleeping on the sofa, tiptoeing under the bed and sitting looking out the window. And when you look they're not there.

We will re-home again in the future, but just need a little time.

Goodbye my little man.

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  1. Oh poor you, sad to read about your kit. I hadn't considered myself a cat lover until I was finally persuaded to adopt Albert. A gorgeously friendly boy who was sadly run over. We really had to think hard about rehoming another kit but finally decided that whilst it hopefully won't happen again, the comfort a kit has as part of our home is so much better than not being rehomed. And so we welcomed Miss Ethel...