Monday, 21 April 2014

Easter Fun

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all had nice relaxing weekends. Here's an overview of ours.

The little bunnies above were made in a few hours for my Nephews. A friend recently shared Frankie's Knitted Stuff with our knitting group and I immediately queued tons of the projects. They're all out of the box thinking, cute and ingenious things, so have a look. 
The Baby Bunnies took small amounts of DK yarn in the stash and I found them really fun to make.
The mini pom poms were made by a technique using a fork. Useful!

I made Hot Cross Buns for the first time and they were AWESOME. As with all bread type products they take a long time to make but are worth the effort. I've even frozen a batch so the Easter fun and go on and on.

I won a competition at work and got this luxury Easter egg from SAID in Soho. They're an Italian Chocolatier and every time I go into the shop I want to buy something but simply can't justify how much everything costs! So this was the ultimate treat. Hidden inside was a carefully wrapped little bottle of Grappa and every time I open the box the beautiful smell of bitter chocolate fills the room. I shall be eating this slowly over a long period of time. That is unless the Mr. finds it.

Finally, here's Flo stuffing as much easter egg into her face as possible. Egg-cellent.

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