Monday, 6 May 2013

Brooke's Picovoli

This is my Sister in law. Isn't she awesome. A few weeks back she gave me the task of knitting her a top like one she had seen on a YouTube vintage hair tutorial, of all things. I showed her a bunch of patterns I thought might work, she picked one and we went yarn shopping. As pink is her favourite colour to wear at the moment she went with that, although I had to steer her away from experimenting with a red. With hand knits you ain't got time to experiment!

The YouTube tutorial she wanted to use as the basis for the top could barely be seen (green top below) but I think I managed a fair copy (pink top below).

The pattern was modified slightly from Picovoli by Grumperina. I added the eyelets to match the one in the video and as it was a top down knit I adjusted the fit on Brookes body as I went. We were both really pleased with it and I allowed her to pay me in cake. A fair price for family.

I was surprised at how quickly it went but with no seams to sew, arms to make or complicated instructions to follow I should have known it would be a satisfying knit. I enjoyed the project so much, I'm making one for myself with some different modifications. Back to the selfish knitting!

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