Sunday, 19 May 2013

Birthday box

It was my 29th Birthday this week. I just love birthdays and managed to string mine out over a few days with visiting family, nights out with friends and a great dinner and a movie date night with the Mr. I got some lovely presents including a new baking book which I'm planning on putting to good use immediately, a knicker making kit which oddly was from the three men I work with - that's not weird right? And one of my favourite gifts was from my lovely friend Karen who knows what a knitter wants for their birthday - cute knitting stuff!

She bought me this cute, cute, cute knitting tools tin from which comes stuffed with all the bits and pieces you need when out and about with your knitting, which is exactly how I like to roll. The best bit was that it was emblazoned with my knitting name!

Inside it has all the notions you need for any knitting eventuality: tape measure, stitch holder, 5 stitch markers, cutting tool, cable needle, crochet hook, and 3 sewing needles with varying eye size. There's a little magnet on the top of the tin to keep the sewing needles just where you want them, which is genius. And to be honest I just love that everything is teeny-tiny sized!!! Excuse me while I explode quietly in the corner.


  1. What a great tin! Hope you had a great birthday.

  2. What great gifts - I love the Purl Princess tin! Hope you a had a lovely birthday :)