Sunday, 18 November 2012

Designer to High Street

For my Birthday this year the Mr. bought me a gorgeous bowl from designer Anette Bugansky who uses hand knitting to imprint on ceramics.

Then for our Anniversary I was bought a vase from Heals, which has knitted stitches all over it.

Now, whilst looking for Christmas gifts I came across a selection of knit printed vases, ornaments and candles at Next!

From Designer to High Street in 3 easy steps:

Anette Bugansky - Independent Designer

I've read before about designer clothes copying becoming so blatant and rampant that some brands are actually shouting about it. I guess it's not against the law to copy the idea of this vase and per haps things are different when it comes to home ware rather than clothing? But if I were Anette Bugansky, I'd be pretty pissed with Next right now.


  1. My favorite store Target (don't think you have them in England but I could be wrong) has a lot of similar items lately. I bought a vase that looks like a white cable knit to store my straight needles. I bought the same pattern picture frame for a knitting friend's Christmas gift. I haven't bought the serving platter yet, but I probably will. None of these are very expensive since Target is essentially a discount store.

    Here's an example:

  2. Ever since your first blog post about your bowl from Annette Bugansky, I've wanted one. I stalked her for a bit, and then went to the Made London fair a couple of weeks ago, and finally bought one. I owe you for the inspiration!

  3. Wish I'd known about the High Street knock-offs to come, before I bought you the dear handmade one...

  4. The handmade one is in a different league.
    I think it is a mistake to assume the High Street ones are knock offs from her work, stuff just gets in the zietgeist. Think about it, knitting is huge, so everything is made to look knitted - Simples