Sunday, 28 October 2012

Wool Week

Last week was Wool Week and I couldn't help but notice my wool themed walk to work, just like last year. Please excuse the shoddy pictures, I clearly need a master class is shooting shop windows on a sunny day.

Oasis has a nice display with shelves of large glass jars stuffed with ribbons, cord, thread and of course yarn. 

Jigsaw has balls of twisted metal yarn, speared with huge orange needles, suspended above their knitwear collection display. 

Liberty as always has gorgeous windows. This Burberry display shows off their fair isle jumpers next to large wooden spools, balls of yarn and scissors. There was another shelf with lots of Burberry yarn on it but I couldn't quite get the window glare off enough to show it.

I was also really pleased to see these mittens on strings a few windows down. For some mad health and safety reason you hardly ever see mittens on a string any more. Perhaps I should make some for Flo now the cold weather has arrived. Till next year Wool Week.

I was inspired/ reminded to write this by Travel Knitter. Cheers hun!

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  1. Excellent! I'll happily settle for living vicariously through you!