Saturday, 31 March 2012


Way back before Flo was born I started working on a cardigan using yarn I'd bought in the famous Black Sheep yarn dive at Ally Pally. I had bought the yarn thinking what a fabulous colour it was, but as I knit I became more and more concerned about the bright and lurid green. The cardigan was eventually swallowed up into the stash and was deliberately ignored for two years while I did stuff like have a baby and consequentially only wanted to knit stuff I really liked!

Doesn't it look... horrible!

With the energy of a New Years resolution or Spring clean I found the strength to pull the cardigan out of it's hole in January and re-examine the damage. After a quick look, which felt the benefit of my additional 2 years of knitting experience, I could tell that there was never enough yarn there to finish the project. I did some research and found that the yarn was long discontinued not available for a reasonable price anywhere. There was only one thing for it and it was ripped. This felt good.

I spent some time looking for a good project for such a difficult colour and then found it in the Nymph Tee. Unfortunately the pattern was from an old issue of Knit Scene, which I again couldn't find anywhere until the lovely Kathyr65 on Ravelry offered me her copy. Don't you just love the internet?!?!

I quickly cast on the new project and this knit up so quickly it already feels like a dream! The colour suits this casual but bold boxey look and the yarn feels really nice with its mix of silk and rayon. The neck hole is quite large and the top does slip off my shoulders easily, but for the warm weather we've been having I actually quite like the way it casually drapes like this. I've already worn it twice, including to the beach last weekend, so it's definitely wearable.

Like a phoenix the Nymph rose from the flames.

The Dream Team at the beach - ooooh yeah!

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  1. That's turned out super!

    The colour looks perfect on you. It's great when an old project finally comes to fruition...and a successful ending too!

    Fleur xx