Monday, 12 March 2012

Liberty Love

I work just around the corner from Liberty and often find myself drawn upstairs to the haberdashery department as if pulled by a magnetic force beyond my control. Most of the time I am able to walk out with my purse still in tact, but with my head full of inspiration. 

I love their prints and so whenever I see them I am instantly drawn in. I had already used the V&A's Liberty print collection to make my friend Shan's wedding quilt and so when their fabrics went into the sale I got a little bit excited. 

Our sofa has been the victim of red wine, curry and baby related Marmite incidents over the last 3 years and because it is the least practical colour ever (white) it now looks extremely shabby, not in the chic way. I had a plan of making covers for the seat pads, so that these could be taken off and washed when needed. The fabric sale was calling and this print jumped out at me.

The sofa is actually a sofa bed and the seat pads are joined together in the middle and attached to the main sofa at the font. I therefore couldn't make traditional slip covers and so had to get creative with their construction. I ended up making them like a fitted bed sheet with elastic drawing the fabric underneath the pad. It was a fun project to do and is definitely an improvement to the disaster of a sofa underneath. With the scraps I have left I plan to make some cushion covers to match.

The Liberty love then continued as I desperately needed some new trainers and then found out about Clarks range of Liberty Art Fabrics shoes! I ended up going for these and have worn them almost every day since buying them. They make me feel really summery!


  1. Great idea, love the fabric!

    Fancy working so close to Liberty, how can you resist not going in and buying every day!! You must be strong willed!

    Fleur xx

  2. I have those shoes too! Couldn't resist! Isn't Liberty wonderful :)

  3. Those are great shoes! They must put you in a good mood every time you look at your feet.