Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Knitting Guilt

Normally I like to try and finish one project before I start the next, however it keeps happening to me that I get half way through a project and then my attention span dries up and I get the itch to start something new. In my previous post you saw the temptation of the 10% off at Knit with Attitude and how it lured me in to a new project. I am constantly dragged in by marketing. I can barely walk by a buy one get one free at the supermarket and I don’t need any more cotton wool balls.
I keep telling myself that I haven’t given up on my lacy blue top, I’m just having a rest from it. And there’s nothing wrong with that, so why am I experiencing knitting guilt? It feels like I’m betraying a friend; having coffee with its arch enemy behind its back. But the cute crochet kids dress was calling out to me, with its promise of being much quicker than knitting lace. And it has kept to its promise. Look at how much I’ve done in a week. And when I made a mistake, I rip it back without fear, those 5 rows only took me 2 minutes to do, so go ahead, rip away!
The stupid thing is that the dress is going to be way too big for Flo. The sizing is 18-24 months and she’s still in 9-12 months clothes, so this dress is most likely destined for next summer anyway. The lacy blue top for me would be perfect for the weather now, so I should really swap back and just get on with the top, shouldn’t I. Oh, but sweet yellow BFL wool. How I enjoy working with thee! The struggle continues.
PS: Please excuse the rubbish picture which I took underneath my desk at work.

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  1. I had to "like" a shot taken under your desk at work. Surely its not the most intelligent thing to do in deepest, darkest secrecy then put it out on the world wide web. If I was an employer I would have all my employees on Google alert for just such occasions. So they thought I was All seeing and all knowing.
    On the subject of all seeing and all knowing I have made the buttons a Facebook page just called Nichols Buttons (so original!) but if you "Like" it you have one in a hundred chance of choosing a set from the website for free. So get in there