Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Guerrilla Crafternoon

Last Friday me and my friend/ almost sister in law, Dawn, went along to Craft Guerrilla’s Crafternoon at the Creative Biscuit and had an amazing night of tea, cake, craft and chat. It’s a brilliant alternative to your usual Friday night activities and I highly recommend it!

We arrived and paid our £5 door charge which includes a drink and cake. There was a choice between bottomless tea in vintage china, a cup of coffee or a Bellini cocktail. It just had to be bottomless tea. Every time my cup got low, it was topped up again with a fresh steaming hot brew. We were also faced with the choice of strawberry cupcakes, gorgeous brownies, flapjacks and pastries. Oh the agony!  I had to go for the cupcake and Dawn had the brownie. We were both in a blissful cake-coma after consumption.

Once we’d stuffed our face with cake it was time for some crafting. The ladies from Craft Guerrilla had laid out all the projects you could buy and there were just too many cute little projects to choose from. Almost all of the projects could be completed within the evening and had clear instructions as well as help on hand from the Guerrilla’s themselves. I eventually chose the rolled paper necklace (£5) and Dawn went for the fabric hair bow (£4).

The kits were packaged up like little presents which all added to the excitement as we took out our equipment and got ready to craft. Both projects were super easy and it was great to have all of the bits and pieces you needed in your craft pack. The pliers for bending the jewellery wires were just on loan though! There was also an iron and ironing board on hand for the fabric projects.

We both finished our projects before the end of the night and Dawn even went back for more in the shape of a embroidered tote bag kit, which she took home to make. We had a really great evening bopping along to the retro tunes, sipping tea from our vintage cups and getting crafty with a lovely bunch of people. The Crafternoon runs on the last Friday of every month, so come down next time and craft the evening away!

Rolled paper necklace

Dawn's beautiful bow

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  1. Loving your creations. I missed this one but I will definitly come for the next Crafternoon, there's cake, tea, crafting and plenty of chit chat, whats not to love?!
    B x