Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Bank Holiday Fun

Another lovely weekend with the family. We celebrated the Royal wedding with a cream tea in the garden, a lot of flag waving and independent walking from Florence. Won’t be long until she’s running away from us I suspect.

I crudely made her a paper crown encrusted with wrapping paper jewels. She didn’t’ seem too impressed but did manage to keep it on for a few photos.

Films were like busses this weekend. I haven’t been to the cinema in ages and then went twice! I saw a preview of Water For Elephants with my film reviewing friend Coconutboots. I really enjoyed it and there was even a scene where Reese Witherspoon was working on some embroidery. Shame it wasn’t knitting. My favourite elements of the film were the animals, in particular the amazing elephant Rosie, and the fabulous sets and clothing which were beautiful. Witherspoon wears some lovely 30’s frocks and as always Pattinson looks pretty hot, especially when he’s a bit beaten up and bloody towards the end of the film wearing a brown leather jacket... yum.

I also went to see Thor which also has some Phwoar to it. The movie over all was a great bank holiday blockbuster with lots of action, lots of fun and a good few laughs too. Chris Hemsworth ticked all the boxes as the Nordic god of thunder although the romance between him and Natalie Portman was paper thin. Not that I really cared once he’d whipped his tee-shirt off a few times and stared into the camera with those baby blues.

I’ve been plodding on with the lacy blue top I’m making for the summer. It feels like it’s not growing much despite knitting row after row of the same lace. I now long for the end of this body section so I can get into the more interested parts of the pattern, but know that I have at least 10cm left to do. I just hope it will still be summer by the time I finish it.

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