Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Limbo days

The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind mixed with limbo. We had to moved out of our rented accommodation and move in with my parents temporarily while the purchasing of our first flat hopefully goes through. Therefore there was a lot of activity with moving stuff into storage, cleaning our old flat from top to bottom and trying to get the family settled in. Now there’s a bit of a limbo where we don’t know when we’re moving into our new place but we know we’re not staying at my parents for long.

Despite the uncertainty it is nice being back at the house I grew up in, if not a bit odd being there with my husband and daughter. Flo absolutely loves all the attention and constant entertainment, plus with all the good weather she’s having the best time running up and down the garden with her trolley of bricks, stopping very now and again to eat some grass. And yes, that is a hand knitted cardi she's wearing! We also have built in babysitting so have reaped the benefits of being able to have a shower in the morning, getting the odd lie in and occasionally going out together a night! Who’d have thought it?

Crafting has been a little on hold during the move, although I have finished a mystery project which I will reveal hopefully next week once it has been received by its lucky(?) recipient.

I have been working on a lacy blue summer top, which is making progress but I haven’t taken any pictures of yet to share with you. I promise to do so soon.

Sadly my class at the Creative Biscuit got cancelled due to a low number of bookings. I think this may have been down to its half term slot, so hopefully we will be able to re-arrange for another more suitable date. In the mean time they do have Craft Month coming up which is run by East London Craft Guerrilla who will be doing a variety of workshops along with an exciting sounding Crafternoon Grand Finale on the 27th May. I think I might try to go along to that one.

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